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A: Our league serves players who are 5 years old by Jan 1st. up to 16 years old.  We ensure that each age group receives age-appropriate coaching and game time. Please see the main page for age divisions.

A: We follow the USA softball age requirements. Please refer to the chart located on the home page for division/birthday breakdowns


A: No prior softball experience is required. Our league welcomes all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned players. We aim to nurture and develop every child's abilities, irrespective of their starting point.

A: Our teams typically meet twice per week for practices and games. The exact schedule might vary based on age divisions and seasonal considerations, and practice days are determined after the teams form.  The season typically starts in early March and ends in late May.  This may be shifted due to unpredictable weather.

A: Player safety is our top priority. We ensure that all equipment is up to standard and regularly inspected. All of our coaches have been fingerprinted, and they have taken concussion courses.  Additionally, we always ensure that a first aid kit is accessible at every practice and game.

A: Absolutely! We encourage parent participation and NEED volunteers! This league is solely ran on volunteers.  Some opportunities to get involved range from managing or coaching a team to working in the snack shack, field clean ups, working at home travel league tournaments, fundraisers, helping with events or administrative tasks and more. Parent involvement enriches our league's community feel.  If you have a specialty that you think would benefit the league, let us know!  Keep an eye out; throughout the season we will contact you through team snap, email, and social media when volunteer opportunities arise. Make sure you are receiving our emails and following us on instagram and facebook.

A: The safety of our players is paramount. In cases of severe weather, games or practices might be postponed or canceled. We will send out emails via team snap, and post on social media to notify parents promptly in such scenarios.

A: Our league believes in the holistic development of every player. Coaches are encouraged to provide equitable playing time for all participants over the course of the season, ensuring that each child gets a chance to experience and enjoy the game.

A: We maintain an updated Instagram account with the most current information. Additionally, we have a parent communication portal called Team Snap that the league uses for group messaging and here on our website.

A: We do encourage players to play with their appropriate age group.  There will always be different tiers of ability on every team, which is great for all levels!  With that being said, we can make exceptions for advanced players to challenge up to the next level, however, there are some restrictions.  We require that they are evaluated at challenge-ups to ensure the placement is safe and appropriate.  More information is available here.  Please fully read the requirements.  If you would like to have your player evaluated to challenge up, please print and fill out this form and bring it to challenge ups.

A: Steal Breeze is our competitive travel league.  Steal Breeze players can play as many as 30+ games per season (spring, summer, fall) and receive top-notch coaching.  Travel ball is a fun and exciting way to keep your advanced player playing nearly year-round.

A: We believe that every child should have the opportunity to play softball.  PGSA has a scholarship program, and will wave or adjust fees as necessary to make sure softball is accessible for all.  To apply for a PGSA scholarship, click here. 

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